Baier, Georg

Father Baier, son of Stephan Baier, was born in 1871 in Kamenka. He was ordained in 1898 and served initially as vicar in Saratov, and later as pastor there. From 1903 to 1910, he served the parish of Rohleder, also serving Herzog in 1910. On 29 April 1930, he was arrested and accused of being a member of a group of German Catholic clergy conspirators. On 6 June 1931, he was convicted and sentenced to serve three years in a concentration camp and was banished to Siberia. After release he returned to Markstadt. He was arrested again in 1935, and on 20 April 1935 was sentenced to 10 years. He was sent to the Kemerovskaya Province. In 1937. He was arrested again in Neu-Ivanovski, and on 25 December 1937 following a secret trial in the Novosbirsk Oblast he was sentenced to capital punishment. On 13 January 1938 he was executed.
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