Grunauer, Emanuel

Emanuel Grunauer was born 22 July 1794 in Basel, Switzerland. He is the son of Abraham Grunauer, a pot caster, and Ursula Roth. He died 1 April 1850 in Messer. His first wife was Friedrike Sophie Heller. They were married 7 November 1820 in Sarepta. She was born 4 September 1800 in Sarepta, the daughter of Johann Adam Heller and Catharina Paulÿ. Her brother is Pastor Samuel Jakob Heller. She died in 1840 in Messer. Pastor Grunauer's second wife was Auguste Karoline Cattaneo whom he married 28 July 1841 in Sarepta. She was born 17 February 1814 in Sarepta, the daughter of Thomas Cattaneo, a general store owner, and Helene Christine Neitz. Thomas Cattaneo's father was Pastor Johann Baptist Cattaneo. She died 5 August 1872 in Sarepta.
Pastor Grunauer began his education on 9 April 1810 as a student of philosophy in Basel, completing his studies in 1813. In 1814, he because a student of theology and on 8 June 1815 earned a Master's degree. On 10 August 1817, he was granted admission to the Brethren community in Gnadenfeld and from 1818 to 1820 he served as a teacher in the Moravian Brethren community in Sarepta. From 1820 to 1823, he served as pastor in Katharinenstadt (North). From 1823 until his death in 1850, he served as the pastor in Messer.
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