Hagelganz, Heinrich


Pastor Hagelganz was born 15 April 1880 in Kutter. In 1906, Pastor Hagelganz came to America and settled in Portland, Oregon. Soon after his arrival he joined the membership of what is now the Congregational Evangelical Brethren Church. He organized the young people’s Christian Endeavor Society of the church and was active in the church choirs. He was ordained on 7 July 1911 to become a minister of the Gospel. His first call was to Bethany Church at Cedar Mills, Oregon. While he was serving Bethany, he organized the - Second German Congregational Church at Eighth and Skidmore in Portland. For several years he served both churches but moved to Portland in 1915. Except for two years (1927-1929) when he was pastor of the church at Fort Collins, Colorado, he served Second German Congregational until his death. At the time of his death, Pastor Hagelganz was moderator of the Pacific Conference of German Congregational Churches and had served on committees of the General Conference of German Congregational Churches. He died on 29 January 1949 in Portland and is interred in the Rose City Cemetery. 

His grandson is the Rev. James Hagelganz.


Memorial card for Rev. Heinrich Hagelganz, February 1st, 1949.
Obituary for Heinrich Hagelganz, 20 January 1949 (unidentified paper)
Volga Germans in Portland (Steve Schreiber)