Heut, Peter

Father Heut was born in 1894 in Sewald. He was ordained in 1917 and served several parishes in the area of Novocherkassk. He served the parish of Petersheim before 1927, when he went to the Crimea.
He was arrested there in 1932 and accused of participation in the Volga German clergy conspiracy. Following a tribunal before the secret police, he was sentenced on 18 January 1933 to 10 years of prison at the Medveshya Gora Belbaltlag near Finland. In April 1936, a letter was received from him at the Polish Red Cross in Moscow. On 6 July 1941, shortly after the outbreak of the Soviet-German war, he was moved to another concentration camp in Kargopol. Since that time his whereabouts have been unknown.
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