Huber, Johann Samuel

Johann Samuel Huber, son of Joseph Huber (a cooper) and Anna Maria Ferenbach, was born in 1778 in Mahlberg near Freiburg in Baden (Germany). He was baptized 20 December 1778 in Mahlberg. He died 30 January 1858 in Moscow. On 23 February 1808, he married Johanna Luise Wigand in Sarepta. She was born 27 December 1788 in Moscow, the daughter of Johannes Wigand, a professor and preacher at the Brethren congregation in St. Petersburg, and Sarah Dorothea Ferber. She died in November 1868 in Moscow.
Originally trained as a Franciscan monk, Pastor Huber converted to the Lutheran faith and began as a student of theology on 5 July 1805 in Halle an der Saale, in Saxony (Prussia). He served as the schoolmaster of the Halle orphanage. He converted to the Reformed faith and on 31 March 1807 was ordained in Basel, Switzerland. From 1807 to 1820, he served as pastor in Katharinenstadt. From 1820 to 1822, he served as pastor in Messer. From 1822 to 1834, he was located in Saratov where he served as Provost of the Bergseite Reformed congregations and senior assistant to the Saratov Consistory. From 1834 until his death in 1858, he served as the General Superintendent and spiritual Vice President of the Moscow Consistory located in Moscow.
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