Kluck, Arthur Julius

Pastor Arthur Julius Kluck, son of Wilhelm Kluck, was born in 28 January 1891 in Dunayevzy, Podolia (currently in Ukraine). He was ordained in 1916 and served the parishes of Saratov (1916-1918), Frank (1917-1920), and Katharinenstadt (1920-1927). He did preaching tours in Siberia. He was arrested on 20 June 1930, convicted, and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in a consentration camp. He was arrested again on 1 October 1937, sentenced on 28 October 1937, and executed on 9 November 1937.
He was married to Berta Liboryevna. She died of tuberculosis on 25 August 1943.
- Personal communication from his grandson, Herman Kluck (20 October 2011).
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