Korte, Berthold F.


Pastor Korte was from Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). He came to the United States after having been graduated from the Breklum and Kropp Seminaries. He was ordained 26 May 1929 and married on July 9th to Maria Koehler, who had just previously arrived from Leussow, Germany. They had the following children: Inga (Knappe), Bert, Rudy, and Gerhard.
Pastor Korte served Zion Lutheran Church in Clayton Center, Iowa, from 1929-1934. In July 1934, he was called to Zion Lutheran Church in Bellwood, Illinois. He later joined the seminary faculty and became a noted Lutheran theologian.


- Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church One Hundredth Anniversary 1855-1955, Clayton Center, Iowa. (no longer online)