Schönheiter, Clement

Father Schönheiter, son of Anton Schönheiter, was born 22 November 1873 in Neu-Kolonie. He attended the Catholic Seminary in Saratov and was ordained on 3 July 1897 and began serving the parish in Hildmann. From 1910-1928, he jointly served the parishes in Köhler and Göbel.
He was arrested the first time for subversive activites in 1925, but was released. He was arrested again 2 February 1930 when a group of Catholic priests were rounded up by authorities. He was convicted a number of times and sentenced to varing terms of imprisionment and exile. He was arrested yet again on 13 May 1938 for counter-revolutionary activity and sentenced to capital punishment. He was executed on 1 August 1938.
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