Strobel, Theodore Christian

Pastor Strobel is not a descendant of Volga Germans, but served several Volga German communities during his ministry. His father, Jacob Strobel (1868-1958), was from the Bessarabian colony of Beresina and his mother, Katherina Dobler (1868-1956), was from Teplitz. Pastor Strobel was born 4 November 1893 in Bethune, Colorado, and died in Portland, Oregon, on 13 February 1983. He is buried in the Hope Congregational Cemetery in Kit Carson County, Colorado. Pastor Strobel was married twice and he and his second wife died within hours of each other.
He graduated from Redfield Seminary and was ordained in 1921 in Canada. He served the following congregations:

- Zion Congregational Church, Walla Walla, Washington (1926-1929)
- Zion Congregational Church in Portland, Oregon (1948-1952)
- Ebenezer Congregational Church, Lodi, California
- Ebenezer Congregational Church in Portland, Oregon (1963-1967)

Pastor Strobel's son, Dr. Robert Strobel, was professor of religious education at United Theological Seminary for 25 years.