Volz, Sr., Jacob


Jacob Volz (Sr.) was born on 17 October 1868 in Balzer. The family left for the United States on 16 November 1891, arriving in New York City on 15 December 1891 aboard the SS Dania. They settled in Sutton, Nebraska.
Mr. Volz was a leader in the Volga Relief Society that provided relief to those who remained in the Volga German colonies during the Famine of 1921. Mr. Volz himself served as a representative of the American Relief Administration distributing CARE packages in Russia from September 1922 to June 1923.

After World War II, Mr. Volz remained concerned about the plight of the people in Germany. He made it a personal lifetime goal to send 1,000 CARE packages, and accomplished his goal just a few days before his death on 25 March 1950.

Jacob Volz, Sr., is the father of Jacob Volz, Jr., Metal of Honor recipient for heroism during the Philippine-American War.


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