Wolf, Michael

Father Wolf was born in 1890 in Neu-Liebental. On the completion of his studies at the seminary to Saratov, he continued his studies abroad and was ordained in 1918. He began his service in Dnipropetrovsk. From 1917 to 1919, before closure of the Saratov Seminary, he served as a professor of scripture and history and was then responsible for the relocation of the seminary to Odessa. From 1919 to 1923, he served as a vicar in Neu-Kandel (Ukraine) with satellite parishes in Alexanderfeld and Neu-Elsass. From 1923 to 1929, he served in Dnipropetrovsk and was Dean of the Jekaterinoslaw parish.
On 8 June 1929, he was arrested and sentenced on 30 August 1929 in Dnipropetrovsk to 10 years in prison (until 8 June 1939). As of 30 April 1930 he was on the Solovetsky Islands but in 1931 was moved to another camp on the Island of Anser where 32 other Catholic priests were being held. On 9 July 1932, he was arrested while in the camp and brought to trial. This time he was charged in the conspiracy involved in anti-Soviet group accused of spreading anti-Soviet propaganda and secretly leading worship, conducting religious acts, and establishing illegal connections with groups outside of the camp.
The prison judge ordered that Father Wolf be "kept separated from the others" and he was returned to the concentration camp on the Solovetsky Islands.
On 9 October 1937, in accordance with a decision of the secret tribunal of the NKVD in Leningrad, he was condemned to death and on 3 November 1937 he was executed in the Solovetsky Gulag.
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