Zottmann, Franz Xavier Aloysius

Father Zottmann was born 27 June 1826 in Ornbau, Bavaria. He studied philology and theology at Würzburg, Munich, and Eichstadt. He became a private teacher in St. Petersburg from 1853 to 1858, when he moved to Saratov. He studied at the Catholic Seminary there and was ordained 29 June 1860. He served in a variety of capacities in the Catholic Church in Saratov.
On 23 February 1872, Father Zottmann was appointed as the 2nd Bishop of Tiraspol. He was ordained Bishop in St. Catherine's Cathedral in St. Petersburg on 11 June 1872. He retired on 18 December 1889. In 1901, he returned to his hometown in Bavaria where he died 29 November 1901.
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