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Place of origin
Unter-Schwarz (Schlitz), Vogelsbergkreis, Hessen, Germany

Friedrich Alles, son of Johann Adam and Maria Alles, was baptized in Unter-Schwarz on 19 November 1722.  Anna Catharina Alles, daughter of Johann Heinrich and Elizabeth Alles, was baptized in Unter-Schwarz on 17 January 1726.  Friedrich and Anna Catharina married on 10 November 1747.  Their daughter Anna Maria was baptized on 9 March 1747 in Unter-Wegfurth.  After their marriage, they had two additional children, both born in Unter-Schwarz: Johann Heinrich, baptized on 3 Feb 1754, and Anna Elisabetha, baptized on 23 March 1757.   

The family arrived in Russia on 15 September 1766. The Alles surname does not appear on the Walter First Settler's List. The Johann Tobias Lenz family also arrived in Russia on 15 September 1766.  When the Lenz family settled in Walter (First Settler's List Family #79), Johann Tobias is married to a Katharina and his family includes two additional children that were not part of his family when he arrived in Russia: Heinrich, age 13, and Elisabeth, age 10.  The available evidence suggests that Katharina may be the widow of Friedrich Alles, and Heinrich and Elisabeth may be Friedrich Alles' children.  Heinrich Alles appears in the 1798 Census married to Elisabetha Sommer, with a son named Johann Tobias (after his stepfather). Elisabeth Sommer's sister, Katharina, is married to Johann Jacob Lenz. These facts may be coincidental, but they suggest a close family connection between the Alles and Lenz families.   


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