Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Schwemlingen, Merzig, Saarland, Germany

Nicolaus Aselborn, son of Johannes Aselborn & Elisabeth Siehr, was born in 1718 in Schwemlingen, near the intersection of the borders of Germany, France, and Luxembourg, about 20 miles south of Trier in what today is the German State of Saarland. He married 3 times: first to Joanna Krauss who died in 1764 and with whom he had 9 known children; second on 4 October 1764 to Elisabeth Edingers (who died that same year); and third on 14 January 1765 to Maria Magdalena Jacobÿ with whom he immigrated to Russia and had additional children. Maria Magdalena Jacobÿ was born in 1732 in Brotdorf near Merzig, daughter of Johann Jacobÿ & Catharina Bohr.
Among those children he had with Joanna Krauss was Peter (born 19 May 1746), Bartolomäus (born 31 January 1752), and Johannes (born 15 October 1755). With his 3rd wife, these three sons, and newborn daughter Katharina, Nicolaus arrived in the Volga German colony of Mariental on 14 June 1766 and is recorded there on the 1767 census in Household No. 38. Son Peter and his new bride (Susanna, widow of Jacob Wagner) are recorded in Household No. 75.


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Rolando Dario Asselborn