Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Wallstadt, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Feudenheim, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Johann Melchior Bauer was baptized in Wallstadt on 27 January 1704, the son of Hans Georg and Johanna Bauer. Eva Elisabetha Dunkel was baptized on 2 October 1710 in Feudenheim, the daughter of Ludwig Christoff and Anna Margaretha Dunkel. Johann Melchior and Eva Elisabeth married in Wallstadt on 16 May 1731.  Johann Melchior and Eva Elisabetha had seven children in Feudenheim according to the available records: Luisa Susanna, baptized 30 March 1732, died 4 April 1733; Luisa Susanna, born 14 February and baptized 17 Feb 1734, confirmed in 1747; Johann Ludwig, born 5 September and baptized 9 September 1736, confirmed in 1751; Christina, baptized 11 February 1739, confirmed in 1752; Agnesa, baptized 22 May 1741, died 5 April 1747; Susanna Catharina, baptized 10 May 1744, confirmed in 1758; and Johannes, no baptism found, confirmed in 1760.   

Eva Elisabetha died on 11 November 1752. Johann Melchior then married Anna Barbara Krobb on 26 June 1753. This couple had at least three children according to the parish records of Feudenheim: Eva Margareth, baptized 20 October 1754, died 6 February 1756; Johann Jörg, baptized 9 March 1757; and Johann Caspar, baptized 21 January 1760.   

Johann Ludwig and his wife Eva Margaretha had at least one child in Feudenheim: Susanna Catharina, baptized 5 May 1761.   

According to the Eichhorn book, Melchior, three of his children from his first marriage (Johannes, Susanna Catharina, and Anna Susanna) his wife Anna Barbara, and two of their children (Hans Georg and Caspar) were in Denmark by 1762. Johann Melchior's older son Johann Ludwig, along with his wife Eva Margaretha and their two children (Susanna Catharina and Johann Jacob) were part of the same transport group. Johann Melchior's daughter Christina, her husband Jacob Busch, and his son Phillip (from his first marriage) were also in this group. 

While in the Danish colonies, Melchior and Anna Barbara had a son Wilhelm, baptized 16 July 1763 in Grossenweihe, Denmark. Ludwig and his wife Eva Margaretha Bach had a son Johannes, baptized 20 May 1764 in Viöl Parish, Nordfriesland.   

In 1765 the Bauer and Busch families left the Danish colonies and migrated to Russia. Melchior and his wife must have died before the rest of the family members arrived in Balzer. Ludwig, his wife, and their three children are reported on the Balzer First Settler's List in household #3. Christina and her sister Anna Susanna are reported in the family of Jacob Busch, household #19. Johannes, and his wife and daughter, are reported in household #26.  


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Wayne H. Bonner
Wladimir Böhm