Becker (Franz Heinrich)

Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Brensbach, Odenwaldkreis, Hessen, Germany
Fränkisch-Crumbach, Odenwaldkreis, Hessen, Germany

There are several families and individuals in Walter with the Becker surname.  These include Walter First Settler's List #48, #78, and #90a.  There are also several families that settled in Walter whose surnames are incorrectly reported as Becker in various documents.  These include the Benner family, who are incorrectly reported as "Becker" in the translation of the First Settler's List #44 and the translation of the 1798 Census #Wt030, #Wt066, and #Wt067; and the Beckel family, who are incorrectly reported as "Becker" in the translation of the Kulberg lists and in First Settlers List Famly #62. 

The information below relates only to the Becker family reported in Walter First Settler's List Family #48.   

Franz Heinrich Becker Sr., son of Johann Peter Becker, married Elisabetha Daab, daughter of Benedict Daab, on 11 February 1745 in the Fränkisch-Crumbach Evangelical (Lutheran) Church. Elisabetha had been born on 24 January 1726 in Brensbach, a village 4.3 kilometers north of Fränkisch-Crumbach.

They had nine children, the first five of them being baptized in the church in Fränkisch-Crumbach, and the last four in Brensbach: (1) Franz Heinrich Jr., born 13 May 1746 and baptized 14 May 1746; (2) Johann Nikolaus, born 11 September 1747 and baptized 12 September 1747; (3) Johannetta, born and baptized 24 December 1748; (4) Maria Elisabetha, born 1 December 1749 and baptized 3 December 1749; (5) Dorothea Friderica, born and baptized 19 August 1751; (6) Anna Katharina, born 30 December 1754 and baptized 1 January 1755; (7) Johann Andreas, born 16 August 1757 and baptized 18 August 1757; (8) Johann Wilhelm, born 10 December 1759 and baptized 11 December 1759; and (9) Johannetta Elisabetha, born 21 November 1761 and baptized 22 November 1761.

Franz Heinrich Becker Sr., his wife and seven of their children immigrated to Russia, departing from the port of Lübeck on the pink Lev under the command of Lieutenant Fyodor Fyodorov. They arrived in Oranienbaum on 22 July 1766.  

This family does not appear to have any descendants reported in the 1798 Census in Walter.  


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Corina Hirt
edited by Maggie Hein