Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Sulzfeld, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Friedrich Jacob Beisel was born 30 January 1711 in Sulzfeld, southeast of Heidelberg (now in Baden-Württemberg). He married first on 13 February 1733 in Sulzfeld to Anna Salome Völke. She was born 15 April 1713 in Sulzfeld and died there on 11 March 1746. Friedrich Jacob remarried on 15 November 1746 in Meimsheim to Maria Barbara Gauß.

Friedrich Jacob and Anna Salome have three children: Friedrich Matthäus (born 5 February 1734), Maria Margarethe (born 18 December 1735), and Anna Salome (born 25 March 1738). The family moved to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein) where Friedrich Jacob settled in the colony of Friedrichsholm.

Son Friedrich Matthäus had married to Sophia Dorothea Steiner in Sulzfeld on 24 March 1761. They settled in Denmark in the colony of Friedrichsanbau. Daughter Maria Margarethe married Johann Sigmund Heffele and they also immigrated to the colony of Friedrichsanbau in Denmark. Daughter Anna Salome married Johannes Meier and they also immigrated to the colony of Friedrichsanbau in Denmark.

Friedrich Jacob and his second wife, Maria Barbara, along with their two sons Johann Wilhelm and Johann Georg, immigrated to Russia with the three above mentioned children. The parents, son Matthäus and his family, and son-in-law Meier and his family arrived in Dreispitz on 16 September 1766. They are recorded there in Household No. 5 (parents), Household No. 18 (Matthäs), and Household No. 14 (Meier) on the 1767 Census. Son-in-law Heffele and his wife had immigrated to Russia a year earlier, settling in Dobrinka on 15 April 1765 and are recorded there in Household No. 3 on the 1767 Census.


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Gerhard Lang