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Place of origin
Eberstadt (Lich), Gießen, Hessen, Germany

Johannes Buss, a son of Adam & Maria Buss, was born on 27 March 1723 and baptized on 29 March 1723 in the Evangelical (Reformed) Church in Eberstadt (Lich), Gießen, Hessen.

He married Elisabetha Kuch, daughter of Johann Peter & Anna Elisabetha Kuch, on 23 April 1749 in Eberstadt. She had been born on 11 December 1726, and baptized in the same church on 15 December 1726. While they lived in Eberstadt, they had at least eight children: Johannes, born on 1 February 1750 and baptized 8 February 1750; Johannes (again), born on 10 March 1752 and baptized 12 March 1752; Johann Georg, born on 14 April 1754 and baptized 16 April 1754; Sophia, born 20 March 1756, baptized 28 March 1756; Johann Kaspar, born on 8 November 1758 and baptized 12 November 1758; Conrad, born on 30 April 1761 and baptized 3 May 1761; Maria Sybilla, born on 16 April 1763 and baptized 24 April 1763; and Anna Maria, born on 26 April 1767 and baptized 29 April 1767.

The Buss family was recruited to become Russian colonists by Baron Caneau de Beauregard. Johannes, Elisabeth, and six of their children are recorded on a list of colonists recruited during 1766, but who had not yet been transported to Russia in 1767. The Buss family is among the few families on the list who can be identified in later documents as settling in the Volga German colonies. 

Johannes and his family immigrated to Russia and settled in the Volga German colony of Semenovka .

On the 1798 Census of Semenovka , Johannes Buss (the son) is reported in Household #1. Johannes Buss (the father), his wife Elisabeth, and son Kaspar are reported in Household #49. Maria Sybilla is reported in Household #50. The movement tables in the 1798 Census report that an Adam Buss moved to Göbel and is reported there in Household #12.


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Corina Hirt
editing and additional research by Maggie Hein