Spelling Variations
Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Langenbeutingen, Öhringen, Jagstkreis, Württemberg, Germany
Orendelsall, Öhringen, Jagstkreis, Württemberg

Johann Ludwig Döbele and Anna Barbara Hammel married in Langenbeutingen on 6 June 1758. Johann Ludwig was from Erlenbach, the son of Ludwig Döbele. Anna Barbara had been baptized in Orendelsall on 29 October 1732, the daughter of Johann Georg and Maria Magdalena Hammel.  Johann Ludwig and Anna Barbara had two children in Langenbeutingen: Anna Margaretha, baptized 27 January 1759, and Johann Michael, baptized 6 April 1760.   

The family emigrated to Denmark in 1762. The baptisms of two additional children were recorded in Danish records: Johann Peter, baptized 3 March 1763 in Hurup, Denmark, and Johann Peter, baptized 6 June 1764 in Schleswig-St. Michaelis, Denmark.

The family left the Danish colonies in 1764 and emigrated to Russia. They settled in Balzer and are reported there on the First Settlers List (with the surname spelled Tehele) in Family #14.

The Movement Tables in the 1798 Census report that Elisabeth (daughter of Ludwig Debel) moved to Anton in 1788, and that Johann Georg Debel moved to Anton in 1798.  


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Wayne H. Bonner