Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Ober-Ramstadt, Hessen, Germany

Johann Georg Henkel, son of Johannes Henkel & Maria Elisabetha Rindfuß, was born 16 November 1725 in Ober-Ramstadt, southeast of Darmstadt. He married there on 24 September 1754 to Anna Elisabetha Zeh, daughter of Johann Peter Zeh & Anna Elisabetha Schäffer. She was born 26 October 1728 in Ober-Ramstadt. They had two known children, both born in Ober-Ramstadt: (1) Justina Catharina, born 17 April 1756 & died 18 January 1757; and (2) Johann Conrad, born 15 February 1758. Anna Elisabetha died in Ober-Ramstadt on 28 May 1760, and Johann Georg remarried in Ober-Ramstadt on 23 September 1760 to Anna Maria Bernhardt, daughter of Henrich Bernhardt & Maria Barbara Dietrich. She had been born in 12 November 1738 in nearby Groß-Zimmern. They had an additional daughter, Anna Catharina, who was born 14 June 1761 in Ober-Ramstadt and died 24 October 1761.

Johann Georg, his wife, and his son Johann Conrad immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), departing from Altona, Duchy of Holstein, on 3 June 1762 under the leadership of Johannes Wenner. They arrived in Flensburg, Duchy of Schleswig, on 9 June 1762 and settled in the colony of Neubörm. Johann Georg and his family are recorded there until 3 May 1765, when they deserted the colony and immigrated to Russia.

All three survived the journey to the Volga German colonies, arriving in Dönhof on 21 July 1766 where they are recorded on the 1767 Census in Household No. 15. The father, widower Georg Henkel, is still living in Dönhof in 1798 and is recorded there on the 1798 Census in Household No. Dh044.


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Patricia Gayol Windecker