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Kleestadt (Groß-Umstadt), Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen, Germany

Johann Wendel Hild (the son of Johann Christoph Hild and Anna Elisabeth Schmidt) was born in Kleestadt on 26 September 1742.  Anna Margaretha Breitwiesser (the daughter of Johann Michael Breitwiesser and Maria Margaretha Breitwiesser) was born in Kleestadt on 10 January 1732.  Johann Wendel and Anna Margaretha married in Kleestadt on 11 December 1764.  Prior to the marriage, Anna Margaretha had a daughter named Anna Eva who was born in Langstadt.  The parish records of Kleestadt note that in July 1766 the family went to "Astrachan" (the name of the Saratov region prior to Volga German settlement).  

Wendel Hilt, his wife Anna, and daughter Eva, age 4, arrived in Russia on 14 September 1766.  They settled in Hussenbach.  

The ancestors of both Johann Wendel Hild and Anna Margaretha Breitwiesser can be documented in Kleestadt back to the 1600s. Other researchers have incorrectly connected the Hild/Hilt family from Kleestadt (settlers in Hussenbach) to the Hill family from Altheim (settlers in Walter). These are two separate surnames from two different German villages, and there is no documented connection between the two families.  


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