Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Oberdiebach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Franz Bernhard Hölz, son of Peter Hölz & Maria Margaretha Echternach, was born on 29 August 1773 in Oberdiebach, near Bacharach which today is in the German State of Rheinland-Palatinate. He married Wilhelmine Nabel, who had been born in 1783. He was ordained in St. Petersburg and served the Volga German congregation in Rosenheim from 1816 to 1820. He then served the congregation in Frank from 1820 until his death in 1837.

His son Franz Karl Hölz had been born in 1808 in Elberfeld while they were still in Germany. He was ordained on 30 August 1831 after studying at the seminary in Dorpat. He joined his father as associate pastor in Frank from 1831 to 1833 when he began a career-long pastorate among the colonists in Warenburg where he died on 6 October 1883. He married in 1834 to Luise Amalie Jahn, the daughter of Dr. Karl Friedrich Jahn & Benigna Luise Lorenz of Sarepta.

Franz Karl & Luise Amalie had three sons who became pastors: Karl Theodor, Karl Julius, and Karl Leopold. Karl Julius, who was born 20 May 1841 in Warenburg. He also became a pastor after studying at the seminary in Dorpat . He was ordained on 23 October 1866 in Warenburg , and served along with his father in Warenburg from 1866 to 1881. He then served the congregation in Rosenheim from 1881 until his death on 21 February 1894.

Karl Theodor was born in Warenburg on 29 November 1837. He was ordained on 5 May 1863, and served from then until 1883 in the daughter colony of Weizenfeld. From 1883 to 1896 he served the congregation in Reinhard . He died in St. Petersburg on 7 November 1897.

Karl Leopold was born on 30 July 1855 in Warenburg. He was ordained on 12 June 1883 and served as the associate pastor in Warenburg from 1884 to 1908. At that point, he moved to Germany where he served a parish in Kühdorf (Thüringen) from 1908 until his death on 8 December 1913.


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