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Place of origin
Kleingartach, Eppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Jacob Holtzwarth, son of Nikolaus Holtzwarth, married in Kleingartach, southeast of Eppingen in Baden-Württemberg today, on 18 November 1738 to Catharina Barbara Marlet, daughter of Stephan & Catharina Barbara Marlet. She had been born there on 6 April 1715. Their sons were born in Kleingartach: (1) Stephan, birth date unknown; (2) Philipp Michael, born 10 June 1744; and (3) Johann Martin, born 2 March 1749.

Jacob Holtzwarth died, and his widow and sons immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), departing from Altona, Duchy of Holstein, on 10 May 1762. They arrived in the city of Flensburg, Duchy of Schleswig, on 15 May 1762. Michael Holtzwarth settled first in the farmstead of Adelbye in the colony of Friedrichshöfe on 24 September 1763, then moved on 24 June 1764 to the farmstead of Eggebeck in the colony of Sophienthal. He is recorded as having deserted Sophiental on 24 May 1765.

Widow Holtzwarth remarried in 1764 to Andreas Körber, and they settled on the farmstead of Jordelundt in the colony of Friedrichshöfe on 24 June 1764. They are recorded as having deserted in 1765 and left for Hamburg enroute to Russia.

The combined Körber/Holtzwarth family immigrated to Russia. Oldest son Stephan did not go all the way to the Volga German colonies, as he appears in the church records of the German colony of Neu-Saratovka, near St. Petersburg. The rest of the Körber/Holtzwarth family arrived in Reinwald on 14 June 1766 and are recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 3 along with the younger Holtzwarth son, Martin. Michael Holtzwarth and his family also settled in Reinwald and are recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 25.

At some point before 1798 Katharina Barbara died. Her sons are recorded on the Reinwald 1798 census in Households No. Rw21 & Rw34.


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