Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Niedergründau (Gründau), Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany

Sebastian Lauterbach (son of Johann Georg Lauterbach) and Eva Susanna Fischer (daughter of Peter Fischer) were married on 31 Aug 1747 in Niedergründau. The births of five children are recorded in Niedergründau: Maria Elisabetha, born 16 Jan 1751; Johannes, born 28 Jan 1754; Catharina, born 2 Oct 1756; Christina, born 25 Oct 1759; and Gertraut, born 16 May 1765. The Lauterbach couple with all five children arrived in Russia on 8 Aug 1766. It appears that the three youngest children must have died during the journey to the villages because they are not listed when the family arrives in Norka.  The surviving family members are reported on the Norka First Settler's List in Family #15.  

Two Lauterbach daughters moved from Norka to Huck and married there: Elisabeth Lauderbach, age 45 in 1798, married to Heinrich Morkel in Huck, is likely the same person as Maria Elisabetha Lauterbach born on 16 Jan 1751, and Catharina Lauderbach, age 33 in 1798, must be the youngest Lauterbach child, who was born during the trip and reported as one-half year old on the Norka First Settlers List. 


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Maggie Hein