Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Himbach, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany

Johannes Lehr (son of Johann Heinrich and Anna Elisabeth Lehr) was born on 26 June 1721.  He and his first wife Anna had two children, both born in Himbach:  Johann Heinrich, born 2 May 1753; and Johann Philipp, born 3 April 1755.  Anna died on 2 April 1757.  On 27 October 1763, Johannes married Elisabetha, widow of Johann Phillip Helfrich.  The record of Elisabetha's first marriage indicates that her maiden name was Kling.     

Johann Justus Lehr, (son of Georg Heinrich and Anna Catharina Lehr), was born on 9 August 1718.  He arrived in Russia with three children: Johann (baptism not found); Johann Just, born 24 November 1748; and Anna Elisabeth, born 8 February 1750.  Johann Justus's wife Maria Elisabetha died on 29 November 1756.  He married Anna Catharina Scheibel on 4 January 1759.   

Both families arrived in Russia on 4 July 1766 and settled in Messer.  Johannes and his family, which included three Laubach stepchildren, are reported on the First Settlers List in Family #69. Johann Justus, his new wife Charlotta, and his sons are recorded on the First Settlers List in Family #70. 

Johann Justus Lehr is the brother of Maria Elisabetha Lehr, wife of Peter Diesel.  The Diesel couple also settled in Messer.   


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