Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Gerdern, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany

According to the Gedern parish records, Johannes Müller, son of Bastian Müller, and Elisabeth Landmann, daughter of Johann Georg Landmann, were married on 17 Nov 1746. They had three children: Johann Christoph Müller, born 24 Mar, baptized 26 Mar 1747; Johann Phillip Müller, born 8 Dec, baptized 10 Dec 1748; and Anna Maria, born 23 Jul, baptized 25 Jul 1751. Johannes Müller died on 12 Oct 1752. Johann Caspar Oberheim was born and baptized on 3 Aug 1731, the son of Christoph Oberheim. Elisabeth Landmann and Johann Caspar Oberheim had a son Johann Christoph, born 4 Sep, baptized 5 Sep 1756. They married on 13 Oct 1763, and subsequently had two more children: Johannes, born 23 Jul 1764 (died 29 Jul 1764) and Carl, born 12 Nov 1765.

The combined Oberheim/Müller family arrived in Russia on 4 Jul 1766. The family members appear on the Reinwald First Settler’s List in Families #56, 56a, and 59.


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Maggie Hein