Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Oberzell (Sinntal), Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany

Johann Melchior Ochs (son of Kilian Ochs and his wife Anna Margaretha) was baptized in Oberzell on 3 February 1743. Johann Melchior Ochs and Margaretha Allbrandt married in Oberzell on 21 February 1764. This couple had two children before departing for Russia: Johannes, baptized in Oberzell on 28 August 1764 (died 20 September 1764) and Kilian, baptized in Oberzell on 18 November 1765.

Johann Melchior and Margaretha arrived in Russia on 9 August 1766. Son Kilian must have died at some point prior to their arrival in Russia because he is not listed with the family in the Kulberg List. The couple settled in Norka and are reported there in Household #128 (with the surname misspelled "Ott" in the published translation) along with their infant son Johannes. 

In 1775 Melchior and Margaretha are still living in Norka and have a total of four children: sons Johannes and Johann Melchior, and daughters Anna Elisabetha and Anna Margaretha.

By 1798, the entire family has moved to Pobochnaya. Anna Margaretha married Adam Herdt from Moor and that couple is reported in the Pobochnaya 1798 Census in Household #29. Anna Elisabetha married Konrad Schlegel, and that couple is in Household #30. Johannes and his family are reported in Household #37. Johann Melchior Ochs and Anna Margaretha Allbrandt and their son Johann Melchior are reported in Household #38. 


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