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Place of origin
Kleingartach, Eppingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Johann Carl Roh(e), son of Hanß Jerg Rohe, was baptized on 26 December 1722 in the German village of Döffingen. He & Agnes Maria Sommer, daughter of Hanß Bernhard Sommer, were married in Kleingartach on 25 April 1747. [Agnes Maria had been born 15 February 1726 in nearby Zaberfeld.] They had several children born and baptized in Kleingartach: (1) Hanß Jerg, born 20 March 1748; (2) Johann Philipp, born 3 March 1749; (3) Maria Elisabeta, born 13 March 1750; (4) Agnes Maria, born 7 January 1752; (5) Johann Philipp (another), born 19 June 1756; (6) Maria Regina, born 20 December 1757; and (7) Catharina Barbara, born 7 January 1761.

The Roh family immigrated first to Schleswig-Holstein (Denmark) in May 1762 and settled in the colony of Flensburg on 9 June 1762. Several of their children had died before this time as only three made the trip. They continued on to Russia in 1763, settling in the colony of Schilling where they are recorded on the 1775 Census in Household No. 1.


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