Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Burghaun, Fulda, Hessen, Germany

Johann Valentin Rommel (son of Johann Reinhardt Rommel) married Anna Maria Ebert (daughter of Reinhardt Ebert) on 14 Sep 1728. They had the following children baptized on the following dates: Caspar, 21 Jun 1729 (died 10 Mar 1730), Johannes, 9 Jan 1731, Anna Margaretha, 11 Apr 1733, and Anna Maria, 5 May 1736. Valentin’s first wife died on 28 Sep 1744. Valentin then married Anna Barbara. (No record of this marriage is found in the Burghaun records, likely because several pages of marriage records missing for 1745.) They had the following children baptized on the following dates: Anna Catharina, 8 Dec 1745, Maria Elisabeth, 25 Nov 1747, Johann Valentin, 6 Feb 1750, Johann Caspar, 8 Aug 1752, and Maria Barbara, 14 Jun 1755. Valentin’s second wife died on 7 Apr 1759. Valentin then married Cunigunda Quantz (the widow of Georg Göbel) 16 Jul 1760. They had one child, Anna Kunigunda, baptized on 2 Mar 1761. Valentin and Cunigunda arrived in Russia on 19 Sep 1766 with four of his children from his second marriage and Johann Adam Zinn (Cunigunda’s son from her first marriage). 

Johannes Rommel (son of Valentin Rommel) and his family arrived separately on 13 Sep 1766. Johannes married Anna Catharina Stamm on 24 Jan 1758. They had one child, Johannes, born on 25 Oct 1759. Anna Catharina died on 4 Aug 1763. Johannes then married Anna Barbara Röhm (b. 13 May 1743, daughter of Jacob Friedrich Röhm) on 15 Nov 1763. They had one child, Johann Christian, born 12 May 1765. The family arrived in Russia on 13 Sep 1766. The family settled in Hussenbach.

This research has revealed what appears to be an error in the Pleve chart for Rommel. In the 1798 Hussenbach Census, Household #20 is headed by Johannes Rommel, age 38. This is likely the same person as Johannes Rommel, born 25 Oct 1759, son of Johannes Rommel. However, on the Pleve chart, Johannes and his three siblings are reported as children of Valentin. It appears that a generation was omitted from the Rommel chart and they are actually grandchildren of Valentin.


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Maggie Hein