Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Londorf (Rabenau), Gießen, Hessen, Germany

The online Ortsfamilienbuch for Rabenau provides the following information about the Johann Michael Rothenberger family: Johann Michael Rothenberger was born 16 October 1726 in Allendorf (Lumda).  Anna Catharina Müller was born 26 December 1727 in Londorf.  This couple had eight children, all born in Londorf: Johannes, born 20 October 1750; Johann Conrad, born 1 August 1752 (died 29 October 1752); Anna Elisabeth, born 7 November 1753 (died 5 December 1754); Anna Margaretha, born 6 October 1755; Anna Christina, born 17 November 1757; Anna Barbara, born 29 April 1760; Gotthard, born 13 March 1762; and Catharina Elisabeth, born 27 November 1764.  

The family arrived in Russia on 29 August 1766.  They settled in Hussenbach.    


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