Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Aidlingen, Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Johannes Stahl, son of Johannes & Magdalena Stahl, was baptized on 2 September 1698 in the Aidlingen Evangelical Church, today located in the district of Böblingen, Baden-Württemberg, southwest of Stuttgart. He married Anna Barbara Barth, daughter of Johann Georg Barth, on 3 November 1722 in the Ehningen Evangelical Church, a nearby municipality in the same district. They had three sons, each baptized in Aidlingen: (1) Johannes, baptized 18 February 1725; (2) Johann Jakob, baptized 14 January 1728; and (3) Jakob Friedrich, baptized 30 January 1735.

The son Johann Jakob married Maria Agatha Kraff, daughter of Johann Georg & Anna Maria Kraff, on 21 October 1750 in Aidlingen. Maria Agatha had been baptized in Aidlingen on 1 June 1719. They had two children, each born in Aidlingen: (1) Maria Barbara, born 24 July 1751; and (2) Johann Jakob, born 14 May 1754.

The son Jakob Friedrich married Anna Margaretha Matthess, daughter of Melchior Matthess & Katharina Brennler, on 20 October 1760 in Pforzheim.

Both brothers and their families immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), departing from Altona, Duchy of Holstein, on 5 May 1761 under the leadership of Andreas Kirchhof. They arrived in the city of Schleswig, Duchy of Schleswig, on 9 May 1761. Jakob Friedrich & Anna Margaretha had a son named Friedrich, who was born in 1763. On 13 March 1763 Anna Margaretha died and Jakob Friedrich remarried Wiebke Christians (according to Eichhorn), or Wibke (according to Pleve), or Wippa Asmus (according to Mai) on 9 May 1763. All of them lived in Denmark until 14 April 1765, when they immigrated to Russia.

Johann Jakob and Jakob Friedrich Stahl arrived in the Volga German colony of Stahl am Karaman on 9 July 1766 and are recorded there on the 1767 census in Households No. 4 & No. 10.

Jakob Friedrich and his descendants are recorded in Stahl am Karaman on the 1798 census in Household No. Sk34.


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Corina Hirt