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Ochsenburg, Zaberfeld, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Johann Georg Steiner, son of Johann Georg Steiner & Anna Barbara Schmidt, was born 24 October 1715 in Ochsenburg, today in Baden-Württemberg. His father's family was originally from the village of Heutingsheim which no longer exists. In 1972-1973, it was combined with two other villages about 20 miles north of Stuttgart to become the town of Freiberg am Neckar. Johann Georg Junior married in Ochsenburg on 10 February 1739 to Helena Dorothea Schüz, daughter of Jacob Schüz. They have a number of children including Johann Daniel, born 3 May 1749 in Ochsenburg.

The Steiner family (including 4 children at that time) moved to Denmark (today Schleswig-Holstein) where they settled in December 1761 on the farmstead of Charlottenhof in the colony of Christians Thal. In 1765, the family immigrated to Russia, arriving on 27 April 1766 in Shcherbakovka. They are recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 40.

At some point, a "t" was added to the end of this surname and it has remained in most families.

Shannon Weis shared her research on the Steinert family and the connection to the Ehrlich family: 

"Anna Margaretha Agnes Steinert (wife of Friedrich Ehrlich) was the daughter of Johann Christian Steinert and his wife Anna Margaretha Schlatten who were first settlers in Shcherbakovka.  I have located the birth register of Anna Margaretha Agnes Steinert in the Karlsruhe, Germany Lutheran Church Records; however, the last name did not have the second "t."  I have also located the birth for her father, Johann Christian Steinert (again with no "t" at the end) in the church records for Ochsenburg, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany.  His parents were Johann Georg Steiner and Anna Barbara Schmid.  Johann Georg Steiner was born in Heutingsheim, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany to Stephan and Anna (maiden name unknown) Steiner while Anna Barbara Schmid was born in Buttenberg, Germany to Niclaus Schmid and his wife. The name is consistently spelled as "Steiner" in the German records.  However, all of the Steinerts I know here in Oklahoma and California use the "t" at the end of the name.  This family moved around a lot.  Johann Christian Steiner and Anna Margaretha Schlatten Steiner lived in Karlsruhe from at least 1747 to at least 1753.  By 1765 they were first settlers of Shcherbakovka."  

The Johann Christian Steinert family also migrated to Denmark, and then later to Shcherbakovka.  They are reported on the Shcherbakovka First Settler's List in Household #2.  


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Shannon Weis
Brent Mai