von der Heit

Spelling Variations
von der Heide
Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Schwickartshausen, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany

Johann Peter von der Heid, son of Christophel von der Heid, and Maria Catharina Engel, daughter of Philipp Engel, married in Schwickartshausen on 20 Jul 1752.  The baptisms of five children are recorded in the Schwickartshausen parish records: Johann Christophel, born 30 December 1753, baptized January 1, 1754 (died 4 April 1754); Johannes, born 5 December, baptized 7 December 1754; Anna Maria, baptized 25 November 1759; Anna Elisabetha, baptized 5 November 1762; and Anna Sophia, born 5 July, baptized 7 July 1765.  The family arrived in Russia on 15 September 1766 and settled in Hussenbach.  


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