Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Holzhausen, Stadt Rheinau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Christian Weldi and Maria Elisabetha Hummel had four children according to the Rheinbischofsheim parish records. Their oldest child Maria Elisabetha was born in Rheinbischofsheim and baptized 31 December 1745. The other three children were born in Holzhausen: Johann Michael, born 13 January and baptized 14 January 1756; Sophia Dorothea, born 10 May and baptized 12 May 1759; and Johann Georg, born 30 December and baptized 31 December 1765.    

The family travelled to Russia with a group of families from the same area, many of whom settled in Dietel. In the Kulberg book, they are described as being from “Hanau”. In the Dietel First Settlers List, they are described as being from various towns in “Darmstadt”. These families all came from the area formerly known as “Hanauerland”. "Hanauerland" or "Hanau-Lichtenberg" is an area (now in Baden) that was controlled by the Hessen-Darmstadt Landgraviate when the immigrants departed for Russia in 1766.  

Christian, his wife Elisabeth, and daughter Sophia are reported on the Dietel First Settlers List in Family #14.


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