Neu-Straub (Bergseite)

Alternate Names
Novaya Skatovka,
Type of Settlement

Neu-Straub is the oldest of the daughter colonies.  In 1799, acting as the colony's lawyer, Friedrich Heintz approached the Kontora with a request to relocate the colony of Straub because of the poor quality of farm land there and the lack of water.  Some of the colonists in Straub opposed this relocation attempt including the colony's Vorsteher, Mr. Rudolf.  In 1801, new land was allotted near Pobochnaya.  In the spring of 1802, 28 families (279 people) moved to the new colony of Neu-Straub, named after the colony of their original settlement.  The colony grew quickly and the population rose to 947 in 1850 and 1,601 by 1883.  By 1911, there were 3,030 people and by 1926, the population had fallen to 2,587. 

Today the village is called Novoskatovka.

Priests or pastors

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