Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Unter-Lais, Nidda, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany
Ober-Lais, Nidda, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany

Heinrich Appel (son of Conrad Appel) and Elisabetha Feller (daughter of Johann Georg Feller from Streithain) married in Unterlais on 24 June 1715. They had at least six children, among them were Johann Peter, baptized 26 April 1716; Johann Adam, baptized 20 April 1722; and Anna Elisabetha, baptized in August 1730. 

On 3 April 1739, Peter Appel, son of Heinrich Appel, married Barbara Rühl, daughter of Balthasar Rühl from Oberlais. Peter and Barbara's son Johann Heinrich was baptized in Oberlais on 25 May 1747. 

The marriage of Johann Adam Appel, and the baptism of his daughter Elisabeth, have not been found in the Wallernhausen records. The baptisms of seven children, the older three born in Ober-Lais and the younger four born in Unter-Lais, were found: Anna Maria, baptized 5 November 1746; Anna Juliana, baptized 23 January 1749 (died 12 April 1751); Johannes, baptized 15 January 1753 (died 26 May 1756); Anna Dorothea, baptized 16 November 1755 (died 7 June 1756); Simon, baptized 24 July 1757; Johann Heinrich, baptized 19 March 1761; and Eva Catharina, baptized 4 Dec 1763. 

The Büdingen marriages report that Johann Caspar Rüppel (from Wallernhausen) and Anna Elisabetha Appel (daughter of the late Heinrich Appel from Unter-Lais) married there on 26 June 1766. The Lübeck marriages report that Andreas Fischer from the Hanau region and Anna Maria Appel from the Darmstadt region married there on 1 August 1766. 

Andreas Fischer and his wife Anna Maria arrived in Russia on 16 August 1766. Peter Appel, his wife Anna Barbara, with their son Johann Heinrich, and Johann Adam Appel, his wife Anna Catharina, with their children Elisabeth, Simon, Johann Heinrich, and infant Johann Caspar, arrived in Russia together on the same ship on 18 August 1766. Johann Caspar Ruppel and his wife Elisabeth also arrived on 18 August 1766 on a different ship.

The two Appel families are reported on the same Transport List. Notations on the Transport List indicate that Johann Adam's wife Catharina and son Johann Heinrich both died during the Transport. Johann Adam's son Johann Caspar is not reported on the Transport list, suggesting that he died prior to the transport. Johann Caspar Ruppel and his wife Elisabeth are also reported on the Transport List with a son Johannes (who died during the Transport) and daughter Christina.  

Johann Peter is reported as a widower on the 1767 Census (First Settlers List) of Yagodnaya Polyana in Household #13. Johann Heinrich and his wife Katharina are reported in Household #14. Johann Adam, his wife Anna Maria, and son Simon are reported in Household #15. Andreas Fischer and his wife Anna Maria are reported in Household #49. It is unclear where the Ruppel family initially settled. 

Elisabeth Appel (now married to Heinrich Stang) is reported in the 1798 census of Yagodnaya Polyana in Household #29. Heinrich Appel is reported on the 1798 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana in Household #50 and Anna Maria Appel is reported in Household #83. Simon Appel is reported Household #89. 


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