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Spielberg (Brachttal), Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany

The Bernhard Baumann family lived in Spielberg (Brachttal) before departing for Russia. The baptisms of four children are recorded in the Spielberg parish records: Maria Elisabeth, 26 Dec 1755 (died 2 May 1756), Anna Elisabeth 3 Apr 1757 (died 26 Dec 1758), Eva Elisabeth, 4 Feb 1759, and Anna Catharina, 20 Nov 1763.

Bernhardt and his wife Anna arrived in Russia with two children: Johann Philip, age 15, and Eva Elisabeth, age 8. It is unclear where Johann Philip was born, or where Bernhardt and Anna were married. These records have not been found in Spielberg or in adjacent parishes.  

The family arrived in Russia on 8 August 1766. They settled in Huck and are reported on the 1767 Census (First Settlers List) in Household #12. 

After arriving in Russia, they had four additional children: Anna Katharina, born about 1768, Anna Margaretha, born about 1771, Anna Gertrude, born about 1773,  and Johann Konrad, born about 1775.

The three younger daughters all moved to Frank.  Anna Katharina married Johann Heinrich Weiss in 1790, they are reported in Household #80 on the 1798 Census. Anna Margaretha married Johann Paul Eisenach in 1792, they are reported in Household #74 on the 1798 Census. Anna Gertrude married Johann Heinrich Walter, they are reported in Household #79 on the 1798 Census. Bernhard Bauman, his son Philipp, and his daughter Elisabeth are still living in Huck in 1798, in Households #43 and #45.



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