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Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Winzenheim, Bad Kreuznach, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Frei-Laubersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Johann Peter Beylmann (Beilmann) was born in Frei-Laubersheim in the Palatinate on 5 December 1725. The Beylmann (Beilmann) family originally came from Winzenheim. Johann Peter married Anna Maria Petri, who had been born in 1733 in Fürfeld. They had a total of seven children, born in the following years and locations: Johann Peter Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1751 in Frei-Laubersheim;  Maria Barbara Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1754 in Frei-Laubersheim; Johannes Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1756 in Frei-Laubersheim; Anna Maria Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1759 in Frei-Laubersheim; Elena Helena Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1761 in Frei-Laubersheim; Anna Katharina Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1763 in Frei-Laubersheim (did not survive the trip to the Volga); and Lorentius Beylmann (Beilmann), born 1768 in Vollmer.  

Peter Beylmann is recorded on a list of colonists dated 18 March 1767, all of whom settled in Volmer. The colonists stated that they had been recruited in Worms. 

They arrived in Volmer on 1 April 1767 along with five of their children. They are listed on the 1767 Census of Volmer in Household # 44.

Johann Peter is reported in the 1798 Census of Vollmer in Household #26. He died in Vollmer in 1799, his wife Anna Maria died prior to 1798. Daughter Anna Maria is recorded in Household #9 in the 1798 Census of Vollmer. Son Johannes is recorded in Household #18, and son Peter is recorded in Household #40. Son Lorenz moved to Dehler in 1789 and is recorded there in Household #2.    

According to research by Vern Beilman, the Beilmanns who settled in Hays, Kansas are descendants of Lorentius Beylmann (Beilmann) who became a teacher in Dehler, after leaving Vollmer.  Then, after the death of his first wife Barbara Dehler, he remarried Maria Eva Ringelmann and subsequently moved to Katharinenstadt in 1818, establishing the Beilmann line in that city. He became a teacher for the Catholic school in that city and was also one of the first persons to administer Small Pox Vaccinations to the citizens in that city starting in 1832.  His son, Andreas became a Doctor as did his grandson Johannes practicing their medical art in that city until their passing.


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Lavern (Vern) Beilman
Sean McGinnis