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Weilerbach, Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Jacob Bruch, son of Heinrich Bruch, married Maria Catharina Mischler in Weilerbach on 31 December 1748. Maria Catharina Mischler was born 20 October 1721, daughter of Peter and Anna Barbara Mischler from Erzenhausen. The baptisms of eight children were recorded in Weilerbach on the following dates: Heinrich, March 7, 1749; Johann Peter, January 19, 1751; Jacob, January 21, 1753; Maria Barbara, August 13, 1755; Johann Nikel, July 23, 1757; Johann Jakob, March 24, 1760; and twins Johannes and Katharina, March 30, 1763. 

Jacob, Maria Catharina, and four children (Johann Heinrich, Peter, Johann Jacob, and Catharina Elisabeth) are reported on a colonist transport list dated 23 September 1765.  

It appears that Jacob must have died during the journey to the villages and his widow married Johann Heinrich von Anben. The von Anben household in the Bauer 1767 Census (Household 17) includes five Brug stepchildren: Heinrich, Peter, Nicolaus, Jacob, and Catharina Elisabetha. 

Johann Heinrich and Johann Jacob are still living in Bauer in 1798 (Households #69 and #71). Nikolaus is in Merkel in Household #15. Peter's widow and his son Philipp are in Messer in Household #47. 


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