Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Unter-Seibertenrod, Ulrichstein, Vogelsbergkreis, Hessen, Germany

Johannes Flach (son of Johann Nicolaus Flach) was born in Unter-Seibertenrod and baptized on 5 February 1713.  Veronica Dörr, daughter of Eckhardt Dörr, was born in Unter-Seibertenrod on 9 November and baptized on 10 November 1720. Johannes and Veronica married on 26 November 1744. Among their children born in Unter-Seibertenrod were: Anna Veronica, born 7 September 1745, confirmed in 1759; Catharina, born 16 March 1749, confirmed in 1762; Anna Catharina, born 18 January 1752, confirmed in 1765; Jacob, born 11 November 1758; and Anna Elisabetha, born 16 June 1761.  

Anna Veronica Flach married Johann Peter Schneidmüller in Büdingen on 3 July 1766.

Johannes Flach, his wife Veronica, and four of their children arrived in Russia on 13 September 1766. Johann Peter and Anna Veronica arrived in Russia on 15 September 1766. Both ship arrivals included a number of other families who also settled in Yagodnaya Polyana and Walter.  

Both translations of the Transport Lists report Johannes and Veronica Flath with four children, and separately report Johann Peter and Anna Veronica Schneidmüller with Anna Veronica's sister Anna Catharina. That seems to suggest that there is another sister who does not appear on the Kulberg Lists. Another sister has not been found in the Ober-Ohmen parish records, so this may be an error in the Transport Lists.  

Johannes Flach, his wife Veronica, and their son Jacob do not appear in the First Settler's Lists, so they must have died during the journey to the villages. Catharina and Anna Elisabetha are reported on the Walter First Settler's List in the household of Catharina's husband Christoph Hartmann (Household #105). Johann Peter Schneidmüller, Anna Veronica, and Anna Veronica's sister Anna Catharina are reported on the Yagodnaya Polyana First Settlers List in Household #38. 

The 1798 Census of Yagodnaya Polyana reports Katharina Flach, age 47, married to Johann Christian Dietz (Household #60). The 1798 Census of Walter reports Katharina Flach, age 50, widow of Christoph Hartmann, married to Johannes Herdt (Household #81). 


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Maggie Hein