Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Erbach (Hunsrück), Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Seibersbach, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Johannes Hammerschmidt (son of Nikolaus and Maria Margaretha Hammerschmidt) from Seibersbach and Anna Margaretha Henn married in Erbach on 27 February 1748. Anna Margaretha Henn was the daughter of Jeremias Henn and Odila Finck and was baptized on 12 August 1725. Johannes and Anna Margaretha had six children in Erbach: Johann Matthias, born 23 March 1749 (died 24 April 1749); Adam Christoph, born 1 September 1750 (died 6 February 1751); Johann Peter, born 5 December 1751; Johann Adam born 27 August 1754; Johann Christian, born 20 March 1757; and Maria Margaretha, born 30 January 1762. 

Johannes and Anna Margaretha, along with their five children, arrived in Russia on 8 August 1766. Anna Margaretha and three of the children (Johann Adam, Maria Margaretha, and Johannes) died during the journey to the villages. Johannes, his new wife Susanna Catharina, and his sons Johann Peter and Johann Christian settled in Dehler on 26 June 1767. They are reported on the 1767 Census (First Settlers List) of Dehler in Household #28.  

After arrival in Dehler, Johannes and Susanna Catharina had a son named Johannes. Johannes married Katharina Hall (daughter of Kaspar Hall) after the death of Katharina's first husband Mattias Fest, Johannes and Katharina had at least three children in Dehler before 1798: Heinrich, Johannes, and Gertrude. After the death of Johannes, Katharina married for a third time to Jacob Krämer. 

The combined Krämer/Hall/Fest/Hammerschmidt family is reported on the 1798 Census of Dehler in Household #25. Peter Hammerschmidt and his family are reported in Household #8 and Christian Hammerschmidt's children are reported in Household #35. 

The 1811 Census of Dehler reports that Peter Hammerschmidt died in 1804. His son Lorenz in reported in Household #8. Johannes' sons Heinrich and Johannes are reported in 1811 Census Household #24, and Christian's sons Peter and Johannes are reported in Household #33. 


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