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Gerdern, Wetteraukreis, Hessen, Germany

The church records of Gedern report that Johann Peter Hartmann (son of Nicolaus Hartmann) and Elisabeth Lambmann (daughter of Johannes Lambmann) were married on 26 Jan 1736. Elisabeth was baptized on 28 Jan 1714. The births of ten children are recorded in the Gedern parish records: Christoph Ernst, 21 Oct 1736 (died), Johannes, 26 Apr 1738 (died 15 Aug 1745); Catharina Christina, 28 Oct 1740 (died 1 Aug 1740); Johann Engelhardt, 26 Jun 1742; Juliana Catharina, 16 Feb 1744 (died 3 Mar 1749); Severin, 12 Dec 1745 (died 12 Jun 1765); Johannes, 19 Nov 1748; Adam Christoph, 16 Feb 1751 (died 10 Dec 1756); Heinrich, 21 Oct 1753; and Johann Christian, 14 Jul 1756. Elisabeth died on 3 Sep 1761. Peter and the surviving children arrived in Russia on 4 Jul 1766, and settled in Reinwald a year later. They are reported as Family #55 in the Reinwald First Settler’s List.

Also settling in Reinwald was Johannes Hartmann. Johannes Hartmann was baptized on 2 Dec 1746 in Gedern, the son of Johann Paul Hartmann and Maria Dorothea Lambmann. He is reported with his wife Magdalena as Family #48 in the Reinwald First Settler’s List.

By the time of the 1798 census, descendants have moved to Philippsfeld and Krasnoyar.

Gedern is located in the Vogelsberg region, just a few miles north of many villages that are already documented as origin locations for settlers in the Volga.


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