Spelling Variations
Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Waldfischbach, Waldfischbach-Burgalben, Südwestpfalz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Schopp, Landstuhl, Kaiserlautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
Schmalenberg, Waldfischbach-Burgalben, Südwestpfalz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Johann Jacob Hertzog from Schopp and Anna Margaretha Meÿer from Schmalenberg married in Waldfischbach on 25 April 1752. Johann Jacob was baptized in Waldfischbach on 14 November 1723 and was the son of Paul Hertzog and his wife Anna Magdalena. Anna Margaretha was baptized in Waldfischbach on 19 October 1732 and was the daughter of Julius Meÿer and his wife Anna Barbara. Six children are recorded for Jacob and Anna Margaretha in the Waldfischbach records: Jacob baptized 25 March 1753; Anna Catharina born 24 June 1755, baptized 29 June 1755; Leonhard born 25 September 1757, baptized 2 October 1757; Anna Elisabeth born 22 January 1760, baptized 27 January 1760; Johann Peter born 25 December 1761, baptized 26 December 1761; and Johann Heinrich born 13 April 1764, baptized 15 April 1764. The baptisms of the younger children note that the family was living in Schmalenberg.

The Herzog family arrived in Balzer 26 November 1765. By 1768, they had another daughter Jacobina. They are recorded in the 1767 Census (First Settlers List) in Household #16. Unlike most other Balzer families arriving in 1765, there are no records of the Herzog family first going to Denmark.

Jacob died before the 1775 census. Widow Margaretha Herzog is recorded in the 1775 Census of Balzer in Household #24 along with her four sons and three daughters. Her oldest son Jacob is recorded in Household #11 with his family.

By 1798, Jacob Jr still lives in Balzer with his wife Anna Margaretha Dietz from Kutter and three daughters (Household #96). Anna Catharina is living in Moor and married to Johannes Tegner (Degenau) with three sons (Household #51). Leonard and his family moved to Reinwald in 1788, and is still living there in 1798 with wife Elisabeth Stengel and eight children (Household #4). Johann Heinrich is living in Kutter with his wife Elisabeth Maria Engel and three children (Household #18).

Son Jacob died in Balzer 22 June 1807, age 56 years. His sister Anna Catharina (married name Degenau) died in Moor 30 September 1835. Their youngest brother Johann Heinrich died in Kutter 25 February 1826, age 61 years.


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Wayne H. Bonner