Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Feudenheim, Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Ludwig Huber, son of Florian and Anna Margaretha Huber, was baptized 20 January 1723 in Wallstadt. He married Anna Catharina Neuzenhölzer, daughter of Johann Georg Neuzenhölzer, in Feudenheim on 31 May 1746. Among their children born in Feudenheim were: Anna Elisabeth, baptized 7 May 1748; Martin, baptized 11 November 1752; and Johann Michael, baptized 31 January 1757. The baptism of son Christian Huber, born in about 1761, was not found in the Feudenheim parish records.

The family immigrated to Denmark, departing from Altona on 24 May 1762 and arriving in Flensburg on 29 May 1762. The Bauer and Eichner families, who also came from Feudenheim and also settled in Balzer, were on the same transport. The Huber family settled in the Friderichsthal Colony and lived there until 24 April 1765.

The Huber family then immigrated to Russia, settling in Balzer on 28 March 1766. Ludwig Huber, his wife Anna Catharina, and sons Martin and Christian are reported on the Balzer 1767 Census in Household #23. Anna Elisabetha and her husband Jacob Borell are reported in Household #28.
Christian Huber and his family are reported on the Balzer 1798 Census in Household #33. Martin and his family are reported in Household #71. 

Widow Catharina Huber died in Balzer on 10 February 1811, age 91 years. Martin Huber died 10 October and was buried 12 October 1836, age 85 years. Christian Huber died and was buried 25 February 1842, age 81. 


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Wayne H. Bonner