Spelling Variations
Associated Colonies
Place of origin
Altheim (Münster), Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen, Germany
Sickenhofen (Babenhausen), Darmstadt-Dieburg, Hessen, Germany

Valentin Koerbler (born 11 Dec 1722 in Altheim) and Anna Margaretha Kilian (born 15 Apr 1729 in Sickenhofen) married in Sickenhofen on 19 Aug 1749.  They moved to Altheim and had six children there according the Altheim Familienbuch:  Johann Nickel, born 3 Apr 1750; Johann Adam, born 16 Jul 1754; Johann Valentin, born 26 Sep 1756 (died); Susanna Catharina, born 22 Nov 1757; Anna Barbara, born 14 Jan 1760; and Elisabetha, born 30 May 1764.  There is a notation in the Altheim parish records that they left for Russia on 25 Jun 1766.  

They arrived in Russia on 14 Sep 1766, and settled in Hussenbach.

The Körbel settlers in Hussenbach and the Kerbel settlers in Grimm are cousins. Johann Valentin’s Körbel’s father (Marcus/Marx Körbel) was the brother of Adam Kerbel’s father (Andreas). They all trace their ancestry back to Matthäus Kerbler and Anna Catharina Bolender who married in Eschau in 1662.  


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Maggie Hein