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Place of origin
Kirch-Beerfurth, Reichelsheim, Hessen, Germany

Johann Peter Walther married Eva Catharina Wassenmüller on 2 March 1744 in Reichelsheim. Johann Peter was born 13 February 1723 in Kirch-Beerfurth and was the son of Johann Georg Walther and Anna Elisabetha Rausch. Eva Catharina was born on 7 June 1723 in Ober-Kainsbach and was the daughter of Johann Adam Wassenmüller and Anna Gertrude Flederwisch. 

Johann Peter and Eva Catharina had a total of thirteen children. The three older children were born in Lohhof / Ober-Kainsbach, nine of the ten younger children were born in Kirch-Beerfurth, one was born in Frankisch-Crumbach: Johann Philipp, born 10 December 1743; Anna Elisabeth, born 10 December 1743 (died in 1744); Johann Peter, born 11 March 1745 (died 1747); Johann Jacob, born 25 December 1746; Anna Margaretha, born 26 March 1749; Johann Valentin, born 3 February 1751; Anna Elisabeth, born 29 April 1753; Johann Georg Conrad, born 18 April 1756; Johann Nicholas, born 18 April 1756 (died in 1757); Elisabetha, born 27 June 1759 (died in 1759); Eva Maria, born 27 Jun 1759 (died in 1759); Anna Katharina, born 16 June 1761 (died in 1761); and Alexander, born 15 April 1763. 

Johann Phillip Walther married Anna Maria Weber on 6 May 1766 in Fränkisch-Crumbach. Anna Maria Weber was the daughter of Johann Balthasar Weber and Elisabeth Margaretha Weber and was born 21 May 1740 in Erlau. 

Johann Peter Walter, his wife, and five children are recorded in the parish records of Fränkisch-Crumbach as being part of a group of area residents who went to Russia in May 1766.

Johann Peter, his wife Eva, and children Jacob (age 23), Conrad (age 10), Alexander (age 4), Anna (age 18), and Elisabeth (age 13) arrived in Russia on 19 September 1766. Their son Phillip, his wife Anna, and sister-in-law Eva arrived on the same ship. 

At some point prior to arrival in Walter, Eva Catharina Wassenmüller died. Peter Walter married Anna Elisabeth Koch, widow of Johannes Seibel. They arrived in Walter on 25 August 1767 and are recorded on the 1767 Census in Household #1 with seven children: Johann Conrad (age 23), Johann Jacob (age 11), Johann Elias (age 11), Elisabeth (age 16), Anna Elisabeth (age 13), Anna Katharina (age 12), and Katharina (age 7). Because these ages differ from the documented ages of the Walther and Seibel children, it is not completely clear which children match which family. Based on later records, Johann Jacob Walter, Johann Conrad Walter, Elias Seibel, and Anna Elisabeth Seibel all survived to marry and have children.

Johann Conrad Walter and his family are reported on the Walter 1798 Census in Household #53. Johann Philipp and his family are in Household #95, Johann Jacob's children are in Household #98.

Five Walter families from Walter moved to Brunnental in 1859 and 1869.


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