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Ilbeshausen, Vogelsberg, Hessen, Germany

Andreas Albrand, son of Johann Hermann Albrand and Anna Maria Eschenröter, was born in Ilbeshausen on 19 June and baptized there on 21 June 1742. Eva Catharina Keiser, daughter of Conrad Keiser and his wife Anna Elisabeth, was born in Ilbeshausen on 7 July and baptized there on 10 July 1744. Andreas and Eva Catharina married on 4 January 1763. They had one child prior to their marriage: Anna Maria, born 29 May and baptized 30 May 1762. After their marriage they had two additional children: Anna Catharina, born 28 December 1763, baptized 1 January 1764; and Johann Heinrich, born 5 December, baptized 7 December 1765. One of the children's baptism records notes that Andreas was a shoemaker ("Schuster"). 

The lists of the recruiter Johann Facius include a family of five persons: Andreas Albrand from Ilbeshausen, age 24, his wife, 22 years old, one son age 8 weeks, and two daughters, ages 4 and 3. Andreas is described as a good farmer of the Lutheran (Evangelical) religion.
They arrived in Russia on 29 July 1766. The ship arrival describes Andreas as a farmer from Darmstadt of the Lutheran religion. The family arrived on the same ship as several other families who also settled in Grimm. The Albrand family (with the surname mispelled Albrecht) are reported on the Grimm First Settlers List in Household #44. Andreas is described there as a craftsman from Darmstadt.  

Eva Katharina appears to have died prior to 1775. The family as reported in Household #121 of the 1775 Census (with the surname again mispelled Albrecht) includes Andreas, his three sons Heinrich, Johann Andreas, and Johann Heinrich, and three daughters, Anna Maria, Katharina, and Elisabetha. 

In 1798, Andreas Albrandt (the son) is reported on the Census in Household #29. Anna Katharina is in Household #31 and Johann Heinrich Albrandt is reported in Household #46. Heinrich Albrandt is reported in Household #102 along with his wife Susanna Brungardt and their children. Anna Maria Albrandt is in Household #106. Andreas (the father) is reported in Household #47 with his second wife Maria Katharina Schicketantz.


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