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Kirchbracht (Birstein), Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Hessen, Germany

Johannes Eisenhut of Kirchbracht was the father of at least five sons. Several members of his son's households departed from their homeland in 1766 to become Russian colonists. There they settled in three different colonies. Each son, and their family members, are listed below in chronological order by birth year. The Russian colonists are highlighted in bold type.


1. Hans Heinrich Eisenhuth, was born on 12 July 1703. He married Susanna Kaÿser (Kaiser), the daughter of Heinrich Kaÿser, on 3 May 1725. This couple had at least six children:

a. Johannes, born 10 April 1726

b. Johann Heinrich, born 7 January 1729

c. Conradt, born 20 January 1731

d. Anna Magdalena, born 20 March 1733, died in April of the same year

e. Anna Margaretha, born 19 June 1734

f. Anna Maria, born 24 December 1738, died 3 April 1741

Susanna died on 20 June 1742.

Hans Heinrich died on 24 January 1762.


2. Johannes Eisenhut was born on 22 November 1705 in Kirchbracht. On 19 August 1728, Johannes married Anna Margaretha Steurnagel, the daughter of Herman Steurnagel from the adjacent village of Mauswinkel. Anna Magaretha was baptized on 14 February 1711. Johannes and Anna Margaretha became the parents of at least ten children:

a. Johann Heinrich, born on 13 Oct 1729, died 19 May 1735

b. Johann Adam, born on 3 October 1731, died 20 July 1732

c. Dorothea Elisabeth, born about 1736, died 11 June 1744

d. Susanna was born on 19 April 1739. She married Johann Herman Eberhardt on 7 March 1761 in Mauswinkel. Susanna and Johann Herman arrived at Kronstadt, Russia aboard the ship "Kronverk" on 19 July 1766. One child, Johann Peter, was traveling with them. Johann Herman died en route to the Volga settlement area. Susanna is listed as a widower in the 1767 census of Norka (Household 101). Her eldest child, Johann Peter, and a 9-month old child named Anna Maria, are living with her.

e. Anna Maria, born 18 August 1742, died 9 December 1742

f. Anna Margaretha, born 13 April 1744

g. Johann Heinrich, born 28 October 1747

h. Johann Heinrich, born 15 July 1748, died 7 April 1757

i. Anna Maria, born 28 August 1749, died 18 February 1837

j. Johannes, born 12 September 1753

Anna Margaretha, the wife of Johannes Eisenhut, died 8 November 1765.


3. Johann Christian Eisenhut was born in Kirchbracht in 1706. In 1739, he married Margaretha Preis. Shortly after their marriage, Johann Christian died on 19 February 1740.

Margaretha remarried to Melchior Kempel from Mauswinkel. Melchior and Margaretha departed as Russian colonists and arrived there on 10 June 1766 aboard the ship "St. Nicholas". They settled in the colony of Moor on 18 June 1767 and are listed in the 1767 census as household 25. 


4. Johann Jost Eisenhut, the son of Johannes Eisenhuth from Kirchbracht was baptized on 17 October 1711. 

On 3 December 1738, Johann Jost married Anna Catharina Foder, the daughter of Michael Foder, from Mauswinkel. At least eight children were born from this marriage:

a. Johann Heinrich, born on 31 July 1739, died 13 Oct 1739.

b. Anna Catharina, born 14 November 1740. Anna Catharina married Andreas Kaltenschnee. They arrived in Russia on 10 June 1766 aboard the "St. Nicholas" with Melchior and Margaretha Kempel (see above). This couple settled in the colony of Dobrinka on 20 June 1767 and are listed as household 89 in the 1767 census.

c. Johann Heinrich, born 9 August 1742

d. Johannes, born 17 Apr 1745

e. Johann Christian, born 24 September 1747. A single male, Christian Echenhuth, is listed as household 209 in the 1767 census of Norka. He is possibly the same person as this Johann Christian Eisenhut. 

f. Johann Conrad, born 19 August 1750

g. Anna Margaretha, born 19 September 1753

h. Anna Catharina, born 23 September 1755, died 2 May 1756. 

Johann Jost's wife, Anna Catharina, died on 4 May 1759. 

Johann Jost departed for Russia in the spring of 1766 and arrived there aboard the "Kronverk" on 19 July 1766 along with two of his children, Johann Conrad and Anna Margaretha. Also aboard the same ship was Johann Jost's niece, Susanna, and her husband Johann Herman Eberhardt. Johann Jost (Just), is listed as a widower in the 1767 census of the colony of Norka. His two children are living in the same household (112).


5. Johann Georg, born on 14 May 1722


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