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Kerzenheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

The German sources record this family's surname with many spellings: Hetterich, Hederichs, Hedrich, and Hederich (the most frequent).

ohann Stephan Hederich was married at least twice: first to Sophia Gertraud and second to Anna Sophia. Johann Stephan & Sophia Gertraud had at least seven children, each [except Valentin] baptized in the Lutheran Church in Kerzenheim, a village 58 kilometers southwest of Mainz, in Rheinland-Palatinate. Valentin was baptized in Dannenfels, about 12.5 kilometers northwest of Kerzenheim, suggesting that they may have been living somewhere between the two villages. The children with wife Sophia Gertraud are as follows: (1) Johann Jacob (Heddrich), baptized 8 May 1737; (2) Johann Heinrich (Hetterich), baptized 11 October 1739; (3) Johann Valentin (Hederichs), baptized 2 November 1743; (4) Maria Barbara (Hederichs), baptized 2 April 1745; (5) Maria Apollonia (Hedrich), baptized 30 October 1746; (6) Johann Albrecht (Hederich), baptized 23 March 1749; and (7) Johann Christian (Hederich), baptized 15 September 1751.

Johann Stephan & his second wife Anna Sophia had at least two children, each also baptized in Kerzenheim: (8) Anna Elisabetha (Hederich), on 4 October 1754, and (9) Maria Catharina (Hederich), on 6 March 1757.
Son Johann Jacob married Catharina Reinmann, daughter of Christoph Reinmann, in Kerzenheim on 23 December 1762.

Johann Stephan Hederich & his family emigrated to Russia, departing from the port at Lübeck on the English frigate Love and Unity with the skipper Thomas Fairfax at the helm. On 12 September 1766, they arrived at the port of Oranienbaum near St. Petersburg.

The family arrived in the Volga German colony of Kaneau on 3 August 1767 where they spent the first winter, and are recorded there on the 1767 census in Household No. 54.

In 1768, son Johann Albert moved to Orlovskaya , and in 1772 he moved again to the colony of Hummel , where he is recorded on the 1798 census in Household No. Hm10. Son Johannes (Jacob) is also registered in Hummel in Household No. Hm01. Daughter Anna Elisabeth moved to the colony of Zürich in 1775, and is recorded there on the 1798 census in Household No. Zr12. In 1768, son Johann Christian moved to the colony of Hockerberg , and is recorded there on the 1798 census in Household No. Hb05. Son Johann Heinrich is also registered in Hockerberg in Household No. Hb19. Daughter Maria Catharina moved to the colony of Beauregard; she is listed there on the 1798 census in Household No. Bo31.


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