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Höchst im Odenwald, Odenwaldkreis, Hessen, Germany

Johannes Georg Morasch, son of Johann Dieterich Morasch & Anna Eva Stockert, was born on 14 September 1734 and baptized in Höchst im Odenwald, about 25 kilometers east of Darmstadt, on 16 September 1734. He married in Höchst on 25 January 1753 to Anna Walpurga Weigel, daughter of Leonhard Weigel. They had the following children, each baptized in Höchst: (1) Anna Catharina (born 13 November 1753, baptized 14 November 1753); (2) Maria Catharina (born 27 January 1755, baptized 28 January 1755); (3) Johannes (born 18 January 1757, baptized 19 January 1757, died 27 January 1757); (4) Johannes (born 29 March 1758, baptized 30 March 1758); (5) Anna Eva (born 20 November 1760, baptized 22 November 1760, died 25 November 1760); (6) Anna Margaretha (born 22 December 1761, baptized 24 December 1761); and (7) Johann Dieter (born 11 April 1764, baptized 13 April 1764).

Johann Georg Morasch, son of Johann Morasch & Anna Eva Joachim, was born 6 August 1742 in Mümling-Grumach, just south of Höchst im Odenwald where he was baptized on 7 August 1742. He married Veronika Lufft, daughter of Johann Nikolaus Lufft, on 29 May 1766 in the Lutheran Cathedral (Evangelische Kirche Dom) in Lübeck in route to Russia. Veronika had been born on 7 January 1747 and baptized on 8 January 1747 in Höchst.

It has yet to determined exactly how these two Morasch families are related, but they immigrated together to Russia in 1766. They arrived from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum aboard the Russian galliot Citadel on 13 September 1766 along with the family of Johann Philipp Lust, Veronika's step-father.

Johann Georg & Veronika arrived in the Volga German colony of Yagodnaya Polyana on 16 September 1767, and are recorded there on the 1767 Census along with 8-day-old daughter Anna Margaretha in Household No. 67. They are still living in Yagodnaya Polyana according to the 1798 Census, living in Household No. Yp77.
Johannes Georg, husband of Anna Walpurga, died on the journey between Oranienbaum and the German colonies along the Volga along with their newborn son Johann Adam. Walpurga, his widow, remarried to Nicolaus Martin, and they arrived in the colony of Lauwe on 5 September 1767. They are recorded in Lauwe on the 1767 Census in Household No. 28. Their descendants are still living in Lauwe according to the 1798 Census.

Johann Georg Morasch, son of Johann Morasch & Anna Eva Joachim, also had a sister who immigrated to Russia: Maria Margaretha Morasch. She was born in 1735 and had married Johann Georg Heusel.


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